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Seat Belt Chime Eliminator

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So to fix my irritation of the seat belt chime, I measured my seat belt buckle and found one on ebay that suited my needs.

As the seller states, the one he sells is better quality and thicker than the competition. It's also the same size as the Renegade. The plastic is pretty decent and the metal buckle is thick and strong. It clips into the Renegade buckle firmly and the Renegade's buckle sticks into it firmly. The is very little play between all of the connection. Everything locks and clicks in place very well.

It does stick out quite a bit, but once I had it on and have been using it, it feels fine. It doesn't look too bad either because the stock buckle sits in pretty deep into the seat.

This is the one I purchased. Compare it to the other auctions if you like, but I found this one to be the size of the Renegades and of better quality and thickness. The auction is for 1. So you have to buy 2 if you want one for the passenger seat.

Here it is installed in the Renegade.

I use this for when I moving the car very short distances and I don't want to put my seat belt on or hear the chime. Like moving parking spots or checking the mailbox around the corner (yes, I'm that lazy). I also use it for when I offroad and need to stick my head out the widow or sit up higher/forward to check my wheel placement. I always wear my seat belt otherwise. It's become habit and second nature when I get in the car.

I was looking at the eliminators that looked like the male end but doesn't have the belt on them. But I would have to take it out to use the regular seat belt every time. I would have to keep it close, within reach so that I can readily swap between the two. With this style of eliminator, I can leave it in and never have to take it out. I wasn't keen on the looks before buying it, but now that I have it and used it, I don't even think about how it looks.
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It's natural for me just to get and click in too. But if you ever use your car for anything fun, the chime can get annoying.

This isn't for everyone, for those like me, who seek something like this, I'm showing them an option.

I never drive without my seat belt off in normal situations. When I do have my seat belt off, it's in a abnormal situation and I know it's off. I don't need an annoying chime to tell me I have my seat belt off.

Yeah, I know there is a chance of failure adding this into the normal system, but that goes with any modification you make to your car. That's why I went with what looks to be a better build quality piece. Thicker metal and as close to the same measurements as the original seat beat buckle.

There are a lot of cheaper and different designs out there. I'm showing what I chose and my opinion of it. So far it has been very convenient and I don't even notice it there anymore.

I'm not worried about insurance or safety issues either. I've driven way unsafer cars than my Renegade with this seat belt chime eliminator on. Pick any car from the '80s and tell me it's safer than my Renegade with this thing on.
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