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Seat belt chime Right hand drive Mail carrier

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I just purchased a 2018 Latitude and had it converted to a right hand drive, I’m a USPS mail carrier. The driver seat has been removed so I could have a tray placed there for all my mail, so the driver side seat belt can not be buckled now. Well the seat belt chime is about to drive me insane can anyone help?
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See if you can find one a junkyard and cut the buckle out then stick it in the receiver for the former drivers seat seatbelt so it thinks the seatbelt is plugged in.
I’ve already tried this, it didn’t help, I’ve actually tried several things, I even put the seat back in hooked it back up and tried the buckle unbuckle sequence so many people say works, still no help. Thank you for the suggestion though!! I’m so hoping someone can give me the suggestions that works!!
You should be able to disable the chime using diagnostic software like AlfaOBD and the right OBD dongle/cable.
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