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I know SEMA is currently going on at the moment and I have seen photos of Madness Autoworks new fender flares as well as the front and rear bumpers. We should have a thread regarding SEMA. I am trying to follow it all but I have work at the moment.

Any info you find of Jeep Renegade Mods should be posted here!
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Great idea on the thread! Thanks for mentioning us.

We wanted to give you all a little update on our Renegade Project that is now on display at SEMA.

If you are walking SEMA you can't miss the Big DUB Display Area located outside. We were happy to have accepted an invite from the folks at DUB to have our custom Renegade on display at their area.

Here are some pics of the Jeep and we will follow up with more details and pics over the week as the show goes on. We are happy to say that even though this is a prototype with a number of things still to change before the LA Auto Show in two weeks the feedback has been fantastic so far.

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Here are some pictures of the Renegade as it is in the display area.

Featuring our soon to be released:

MADNESS Wide Fender Flares
MADNESS Side Steps
MADNESS 2" Lift Kit
MADNESS Light Bar - coming soon


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Here are some close ups


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We have more in the works that we will show by the LA Auto Show. Still to come:

Several new wheel options we will introduce before LA. The wheels shown were prototypes done for the show, but the goal is a wider, more aggressive, Satin Black Wheel which we will preview at LA.

The lift kit drove very, very well. We will do several more tweaks before LA and then reveal the entire set up with order info.

The fender flares are prototypes that are significantly wider then stock, but still look OEM. Production version will sit even more flush with the stock body.

The bars will be coated in a Black Finish for the LA Auto Show so you will see different options of finish.

We have a number of other mods in the works, but wanted to share the first round of this build with you.

Last thing... We also designed the wider flares to work with anyone that is planning to lower the vehicle and put on a wider set of wheels (as some of you have already mentioned to us).

Thank you as always for your support!
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I didn't know that It was lifted. WAYALIFE commented on it saying it looked lowered, what wheel size are you guys running? Also it looks great!
Whoever made that comment may not have seen a stock one.

Our goal was to make everything look production ready and not some overbuilt $150,000 custom.

The Jeep has a full 2" lift, but we will do a much wider and more aggressive wheel set up for LA. We simply did not have time to get more done in time for SEMA. The wheels that are on there now are temporarily only for the DUB Display. The next set up will look much different.
Awesome Guys! I might be headed to the LA Auto Show, so far you are the only guys who have a Renegade at SEMA, other than Jeep itself
Be Sure to stop by our booth. It will be the main front booth at the entrance of Kentia Hall at LA.
We are back from SEMA now and will address each question asked in a bit.
Wow I am very interested in the front bar and the light bar. When will these be available for order?
Thank you!

The ones shown on the car at SEMA were pre production versions. We are doing a couple of small revisions and will have many detailed pictures along with product details and pricing within the next 7-10 days.

The Renegade is being completely torn apart this week and redone and will be featured at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

It will be featured in our MADNESS Autoworks Booth at the very front entrance of Kentia Hall. If you are planning to attend the show be sure to stop by our booth and let us know you have a Renegade. We will invite you in the booth and show you all the mods in person.

Expect to see some BIG changes by LA Auto!
The front bar looks nice. Do you have any pictures to post of the rear bar mentioned?
The production bars will come in several varieties and finishes. We will have detailed pics up as soon as the Renegade in on display at the Auto Show.

Our goal is to make them in US out of high quality materials and make them affordable at the same time. Keep in mind that these are not being made in China by the 1,000's like many things for other Jeeps. They are being made right here in US by hand using quality materials and powder coat.

These are also designed specifically for the Renegade and not simply a bull bar that fits many different models that simply have brackets to fit the Renegade. These were styled to work with the body lines of the vehicle and look right.
Looking good and can't wait to see what you guys bring to the LA show
We have a nice surprise in the works!
I'm very intrigued about this 2'' lift.. tell us more! so far whats the largest tire size you were able to test with this, that won't rub
The lift kit is done and works very well.

The main issue is getting the proper wheel and tire combo and getting it to fit correctly. At this time there are really no wheels that are designed for the Renegade that work correctly. The wheels we put on for SEMA were temporarily along with the tires.

We are working with a number of wheel manufacturers at this time to get some options out there.

We will have something different for LA Auto, but due to time constraints it will not be the final choice since we are working on a wheel that will look right, fit right and also work with the wider fender flares we will be releasing.
Hey Sharpshooter do you happen to have any up close pictures of the rear bar that show how it attaches to the rear bumper? Really wondering how it works with an in the bumper trailer hitch?

And do you have some good pictures of the side step bars? Thanks much.
The rear bar is designed to be a bolt on part with proper brackets and mounting. It is also being designed to work with the trailer hitch, but if you are using the hitch you will most likely want to order the bar without the options LED Light (we will have both options available).

More pics of all parts coming next week!
Very hairy. Can't wait to learn about the price points. Nice work!
Thank you! Glad you like!

As far as price points go it will be about a week or two until we will know exact price points. Keep in mind that these are being made individually in US and not by the 1,000's in China so we will do our best to keep prices low, but it will be impossible to compete with the generic overseas bumpers.
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Lift has nothing to do with fitting of the nerf bars. Even in stock trim the bars can be fitted.

IMO, the bars are silly since you're giving up ground clearance AFTER lifting the vehicle. Why bother? It doesn't protect the sills or aid entry either.

As for the brush guard, I'm curious how it'll work on a TH since what is shown was not developed for the TH (odd decision). Why make a Latitude in the the TH that it is not. I don't fault Madness for developing accessories, the more the merrier. I'm just a bit disappointed that many of the items are developed for appearance's sake. The off-road adventurer customer mindset is very different from the street show-n-shine mindset of Southern California. If you're going to develop parts, do it for the former and it will still look the part for the latter too—both bases would be covered. Otherwise, you're only catering to folks who only want to look the part. I do applaud them for considering ABS as material for the flares. But, again, remains to be seen how it works on a TH (is it universal despite the different bumpers?).

I'd like to see a simpler/minimalist offering that does not have the side loops and serves mainly for mounting a LED light bar.
We purchased the one seen in the pics and that is what we are using to develop parts on. There will be versions for both models. We do not want to simply make a generic version that fits both models since the front end looks significantly different on both models.

We are adding new accessories almost daily to our online store and also working on a number of other MADNESS products as well.

The firsts parts we will be introducing are:

2" Lift Kit
Wider Fender Flares
Front Bumper Bar (with light bar and without)
Roof Light Bar
Side Rails
Rear Bumper Bar (with light bar and without)
Wheel Adapters

There are a number of other parts in the works, but development and production costs a small fortune if the part is done correctly. As sales happen more and more funds will be invested in development of additional accessories.
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A forum member who frequently pushes G-Force products claims lifts exceeding 1" will not work since "front A arms will touch sub-frame when shox are full extended".

Can you refute, confirm or elaborate?
Not yet.

What we can tell you is that the prototype is on our vehicle. We drove the vehicle around and it felt solid. We then drove the vehicle around the LV Convention Center for set up at the SEMA Show.

During that time we did not have any issues (besides the offset of the wheels which were temps for that show only).

Now that SEMA is done our Renegade is back and is now completely torn apart for Stage 2 of the build with the goal of getting it all done in 5 days in time for the LA Auto Show.

During the tear down we have not seen an issues.

After the LA Show we will then again tear apart the vehicle for additional modifications. At that time we will also finalize the bars, fender flares, light bar, lift kit along with several other items we are working on.

If something on the lift kit is not right we will not release it until it is. We plan on putting some miles on the prototypes prior to put anything in to production.

At this time we have both the G-Force and the Daystar kit in stock. Our MADNESS one is probably 30-60 days away (fingers crossed). We also have a full installation and fabrication shop on premises and have some Renegades already scheduled for lift kit install in the days ahead.

As soon as we get some installed and have a bit of free time (limited now since we have 10+ vehicles to get ready for the LA Show) we will also post those pics.
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Ok, all this sounds good on the surface but in my mind a flag has been raised. None of the described will test any of the lifts to the point where full up or down suspension travel will occur. Like how the suspension will actually be asked to do by any owner who intend to lift their Renegades not just for show.

And this goes to my earlier point. There are two camps of aftermarket clientele. Those who actually do go off-road and those who just want to look like they do. Cover the first group and you'd have the latter covered too.
Maybe we were misunderstood.

We will not release anything prior to knowing it properly works.

We have a pretty knowledgeable staff and have put together things that are 10 times more complicated then this. If we can take a 1967 Mini Wagon, convert it from a 47hp front wheel drive car to a mid engine, 500+hp rear wheel driver monster we can easily handle this upgrade.

We have and continue to do a variety of custom projects from mild to wild. With that experience and also the fact that we have contracted some of the top minds in the custom design and fabrication business what we do finally put out will be a good quality product. If it ends up that the product we have invested in does not properly work then we will not release it.

We stock over 5,000 parts and accessories, install and fabricate on premises, have a great reputation and would not risk losing it over a lift kit.

If you would like to personally test out one of the prototypes when it is available and provide feedback we would be completely open it. If so, drop us a PM and we will be happy to reach out.
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