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Hey guys.
My 2015 jeep is closing up on 40000km and the oil change light is due any time now.
At 40000km, what else needs maintenance except oil and filter?
All I can seem to find is "inspect this, look at that, visually look on stuff".

Thanks in advance.

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Service? What is this strange term that you chat of? :p:p:p I am a cheap and miserely Scotsman that dreads parting with a free fart. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

My Jeep was serviced under a care package and after that ran out at 3 years it only recently received an oil and filter replacement from my mate in his garage for £20.

Check this, check that ....... thank-you that will be lots of £££s or the alternative as you suggested is to do your own checks and then get that oil and filter change. (y)(y)(y)

Self service has a lot to be said for itself :LOL::LOL::LOL:

However before I get too smug I tried a little Google search and came up with! You guessed correctly, click the red link:

Click the red link

Change brake fluid, replace crankcase fluid, replace crankcase oil filter. Therefore I believe that it's only the brake fluid that we need to change over and above the oil and filter. :unsure:
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