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Hey everyone...

I bought my Limited Renegade back in April 2016....

2500KMs later, "Service Engine" light comes on, and the entire truck starts to shake for about 20 minutes or so, right after it started. Bring it to the dealer where is stays for the next couple days - they replace the Multi-Air on it. The following days I notice the light is back but does not shake... Wondering WTF is going on? I finally start it up one day, and boom! the same exact thing happens so I bring it right back to the dealer. This time they replace the PCM and reprogram the entire computer. Drive it back home where its okay for about a week. Guess what? @ 3300KMs, same thing happens - truck shaking terribly for about 20 minutes after cold start (sitting for about 24 hours) bring it back to the dealer for a 3rd time and now the mechanics seem to have no idea what is going on... I am now waiting for them to "try" something on it and tell me they "fixed" it - and for me to bring it right back to them, again...

Called FCA to open up a case and submit a formal complaint seeing it only has 3500KMs - very discouraged, not sure what else I can do.. :crying: Any advice?

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