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Service engine and transmission lights 2017 Jeep Renegade Latitude 4x4

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Happy Saturday!

Just bought our first Jeep last month!
(2017 Jeep Renegade Latitude 4x4)
Lifetime power train and bumper to bumper warranty (thankfully) as the service engine and service transmission lights randomly illuminate after driving on the highway for extended periods of time.

We replaced the spark plugs and coil packs ourselves (Carfax report indicated that had never been done/ or neglected to report that it was done. All looked to be original except for one coil pack...who knows 🤷‍♀️)as the Renegade started idling horribly (almost seeming to want to shut off), misfiring and acting like it couldn't catch a gear randomly as we were driving.The issue was becoming more pronounced and persistent by the day.
After changing out all of the plugs and packs, the Jeep is running beautifully! No more rough idle, no jerking while driving and definitely not having issues with misfire or trying to find the gear.

Unfortunately, after taking it on the highway today, the service engine and transmission lights are back. Jeep is still running smoothly.
Oil level looks good and it isn't due for a change for another 2k miles.
No idea how old the battery is...Carfax doesn't note it ever being replaced.

The dealership is overbooked and can't see us for a while, so just trying to get some insight as we wait. Thanks!
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So mine has done the same thing this week. I had the oil changed at the dealer and it went through most of the week with no trouble at all. All of a sudden one evening I was driving down the coast to visit someone and all of the lights and error messages it could conjure went off, one after another. "Battery" I thought as I drove home. I had the battery load tested and they did not recommend it be replaced (Les Schwab) but when I insisted did so. I got it back and it did it a few more times. When it happens the 4wd modes in the switch refuse to engage and the traction control stays on, and the display retains a "Service Engine" message. After a restart all works again. I am thinking Les Schwab might not have the knowledge necessary to reset things after replacing a battery (maybe) but as of today it runs fine and no more lights after a few restarts. After the last time I drove gently down a side street and engaged all the 4wd modes and back again. Might be that one did the trick as it has done fine so far since then.

Maybe it just got bored. My dog does this now and then too. The dog is happier after a good hard game of fetch so maybe the Jeep needs similar.
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