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Shut off heated seats and steering wheel

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I have the cold weather group. I have noticed that when its cold the heated seats and steering wheel automatically come on. Is there a way to stop this from happening ? I can't see any menu in Uconnect to stop this.
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There are no TSBs released for the heated steering wheel feature not turning off. I would definitely recommend a trip to the dealership to have this diagnosed. Please feel free to reach out to me for assistance in scheduling an appointment.
Keep us posted on what your dealership has to say about your inoperative buttons, Kyle.

I took a video of mine acting up. Hopefully JeepCares can help as my dealer has not been able to find a solution yet.
Thanks for sending the video. I'm unable to provide technical expertise or a diagnosis, as I'm on the customer care side of things. Do you know if your dealership has gotten in touch with our corporate engineers regarding this? If not, I can try to assist the dealership by putting them in touch with some of my resources. I would need you to PM me your VIN, contact info, and dealership info.
customers are not having success getting this fixed!!! Has it occurred to fca they should find a solution, get the fix to the dealers and notify customers. Perhaps the top fca engineers are eating too much spaghetti to bother satisfying customers.
I have a customer care case open for Kyle, and, as he noted above, this is something our engineers are currently working on a permanent repair for. I'm hoping we will have a TSB or something similar to share ASAP.
merylp and ijeepin,

As GSO_Kyle has pointed out, we do not currently have a fix available for this concern. It's something that our engineers are actively working on, but I don't currently have a timeline on when it will be available.
As Kyle mentioned, we believe that we have the proper repair for this nailed down. Feel free to PM me on here so I can look into your situation further.
I have read this entire thread and am having the same exact issue as you have described with my '16 1.4t latitude. Please tell me you have found a resolution! To be honest, I haven't bothered with the dealer as I already know how it will go down with them playing dumb. Just don't have the time or energy for that. I will send you this in a pm as well so hopefully you see it. Thanks
Hi vailTRD,

If you decide to visit your local dealership I'd be happy to follow up with them for you if needed! Just PM our page with your VIN and let me know.

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Hi - sorry to revive this old thread but wanted to know if anyone found any resolution besides ditching their Renegade. After several Star cases thru then FCA, being told multiple times to just take it to the dealer, having been to 3 dealers and basically just being blown off in any serious attempt to fix it (uploaded new software, changed switch module, can't test because it is not cold enough, etc) and being told it now works when it does not I am just curious if anyone has had this fixed. We decided to not part with the vehicle, but my arthritis in my hands hates winter and this vehicle. So after almost 8 years of trying I have gotten nowhere. Anyone have any success???
We are very sorry to hear of your continued concerns. If you decide to visit a dealership again at any time, we are here to support you.

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