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Shut off heated seats and steering wheel

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I have the cold weather group. I have noticed that when its cold the heated seats and steering wheel automatically come on. Is there a way to stop this from happening ? I can't see any menu in Uconnect to stop this.
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This is a big problem for me as not only can I not turn off the heated steering wheel but I also can not turn off the heated seat! Buttons do not light up and are unresponsive. However, it seems to be an intermittent problem as sometimes it works fine meaning it auto-ons the steering wheel and seat heat but the buttons light up and I can toggle them off when I want. Drove an hour with the heated seats on and I was friggin hot!
Nope. Only when the temperature outside gets warmer.
I like that it comes on when its cold out. I hear that on the 6.5 you can shut it off but I haven't checked.

But that is not what I am talking about. The point is sometimes when you start the car the heat turns on for the seats, steering wheel, and the buttons light up properly. When this happens you can hit the buttons to shut off the heat. Other times when you start the car the heat turns on for the seats, steering wheel but the buttons do not light up. When this happens you can not shut the heat off.
My dash buttons are unresponsive making it impossible to shut the heaters off. It's at the dealer now.
Will do. They did a software update but it was already 50 degrees when I picked it up this morning. Should be able to report back in a couple days.
So after the update at the dealer my heated seats are working like they are supposed to. After automatically turning on I am now able to shut them off. It has only been a dozen times or so though so we shall see.
Last night the seat and steering wheel heaters messed up again. Back to the dealer. Weird thing is the rear defrost always works like it should.

I took a video of mine acting up. Hopefully JeepCares can help as my dealer has not been able to find a solution yet.
Lol. Yeah something is up. PM'ed JeepCares so I hope they can help facilitate a resolution. I'll post an update when I find out what the resolution is. Seems that others on the Facebook group have the same issue.

I have another video of the problem! It is a little different this time.
I have the manual as well. I agree with you. I wouldn't mind so much if it worked properly and it didn't turn on the window defroster.
Thanks for the info. I want a fix for the auto on though. Not a bandaid!
Well the official word is that this is a known issue with no know fix at this time. Filing Lemon Law in the next two weeks.

There is a Star case open. Known problem with no fix. FCA is "working on it". Contact JeepCares.
No. Taking it in for the third repair attempt this week. Then I can mail FCA a letter...
JeepCares says it's the switch module. PM them on here. My parts are on order. I'll keep you posted.
Picked up the car tonight. It is not fixed. Now the heated wheel is stuck on every time and I can't shut it off. :-(
FCA thought it was the switch module but it's not. My Renegade is at the shop now for the "third" repair attempt. If they can't replicate it at the shop then it doesn't count as a repair attempt for lemon law. There are a couple ways to make it act up. Seeing as how it's 72F here in NC I can think of three ways off the top of my head. It only acts up when it is less than 40F (which is why I don't think it is the switch module). So you need to trick the car into thinking it's cold. First, it's still pretty cold up north. I could always take it up to a dealer in Michigan and stay with family for a few days. Second the outside air temperature sensor is somewhere on the front of the car. I plan on pouring a bucket of ice water on the sensor. Third, bottled air, like the kind you can buy at Staples to clean keybords, when flipped upside down shoots out cold liquid. If the ice water doesn't work this is the next attempt. Since after the "fix" my heated steering wheel gets stuck on every time it is less than 40F I have no doubt I can reproduce it at the dealer on comand. However, since yours is more intermittent it will take some effort.

Don't let the dealer tell you this is normal. It is a known issue. FCA customer service told me that engineering had a model acting up at their test center. There is an open Star case.

If FCA doesn't make this right by me without having to file lemon law I am going to take this to the next level. To the heart of thier customer base. Young people hate when technology doesn't work and I will leverage that to the fullest extent.

If you are having this issue please PM me with a way to contact you. Strength in numbers.
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vailTRD unfortunately I have bad news. All I can tell you is now I am driving a brand new 2016 and no longer the 2015. I can't come out and say what happened but I hope that you can read between the lines.

The really shitty part is FCA has not fixed the issue on the 2016's either. Currently my 2016 Renegade has been at the dealer for this issue for a week and counting.
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