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Shut off heated seats and steering wheel

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I have the cold weather group. I have noticed that when its cold the heated seats and steering wheel automatically come on. Is there a way to stop this from happening ? I can't see any menu in Uconnect to stop this.
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I have remote start and Uconnect 5.0 and there is no way to do this. I have a feeling that Uconnect 6.5 allows this. The manual should be more explicit.
Uconnect 5.0 is also used in the Jeep Cherokee and other FCA products. Unfortunately the menu option you describe is not in the Jeep Renegade. Thanks for the reply Kathleen. Maybe you can suggest to marketing that they have a consistent menu system for all vehicles that use Uconnect 5.0 to eliminate the confusion.
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If you cannot turn it off by the switch I would say it is a software issue when they turn on automatically. It looks like they ignore the switch when it is cold outside.
There are no TSBs released for the heated steering wheel feature not turning off. I would definitely recommend a trip to the dealership to have this diagnosed. Please feel free to reach out to me for assistance in scheduling an appointment.
There is nothing the dealer can do about this if you have Uconnect 5.0 since the menu options have nothing to do with the heated seats or steering wheel. If you have Uconnect 6.5 you have the options to shut this off. My dealer is putting this problem into some FCA problem system since it looks like somebody messed up on this. Hopefully we will eventually have a Uconnect 5.0 update that can address this issue.

Some engineer should be shown the door over this in my opinion. He should follow the guy that determined that most of the Renegade colors do not have paint sticks available yet.
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That's broken.
No its not broken. Its just poorly designed. Some dumb engineer thought it would make sense to automatically turn on the heated seats and steering wheel when it is cold without providing the means to not have this happen. I am hoping enough people complain about this so they make a change to all versions of Uconnect to disable this function.
Have some people not reported they can switch some of the features off?
You can hit the dash buttons to turn off the heated wheel and seats. However it would be nice to not have them automatically go on every time you start the car when it is cold.
There should be a software update coming for Uconnect 5.0 which will allow control of the heated seats and heated steering wheel.
I have the cold weather package and don't have this problem. The heated seats and steering wheel heater will come on automatically but I can shut any and all of them off without a problem.
I have a Latitude 1.4T 6-speed manual, with Cold Weather Package. Build date is 7/15. When the temperature is below 40 degrees, the heated seat and steering wheel come on automatically. I am able to turn them off, though. So the feature is working as designed in my case. But having the heated seat and steering wheel come on at all is rather silly, since this Renegade, being a manual, does not have remote start. Jeep, I appreciate your help, but I am perfectly capable of turning on the heated seat and wheel.
There is supposed to be a Uconnect update coming for this to disable the automatic nature of this. This ability to turn this on or off thru the menu should have been there from the beginning.
No...they are not working on it. I know because I work at the Chrysler Tech Center.

Doesn't matter....I took delivery on a real American Jeep Cherokee. The Renegade is Italian crap.
Good luck with your Cherokee. You will need it since it has its share of problems.

I have had no problem switching off the steering wheel or seats when they come on automatically. My contacts tells me a future Uconnect update will allow you to cancel the auto on function.
Just got a call from the dealership where I bought my 2015 Renegade Trailhawk. There is no way to turn the heated steering wheel off through u-connect, whether you auto-start or push the button to start. And there is no software or any other kind of fix. Chrysler just told them they are aware of the problem and they are working on a fix; release the car.


As I said previously a software update is in the works to fix this issue. It will be configured as a comfort feature in Uconnect. They will not comment until the fix is completed.
My car does not have this problem. The steering wheel heater will come on when it is cold but I can shut it off by hitting the button. I don't see why FCA can't figure this out. The fact that some cars can shut it off and some can't points to a software issue that is different between the cars.
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