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Shut off heated seats and steering wheel

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I have the cold weather group. I have noticed that when its cold the heated seats and steering wheel automatically come on. Is there a way to stop this from happening ? I can't see any menu in Uconnect to stop this.
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I took delivery on my new Jeep Renegade Limited this afternoon. The heated steering wheel would not shut off. While signing paperwork, the car was serviced and reflashed. The car will not recognize the key fob. The car will not start. Headlamps not working. I drove home in my turn in vehicle. The sad thing about this is: I AM A 26 YEAR CHRYSLER EMPLOYEE. This is an embarrassment. New car day turned in to the delivery from ****. The dealer assured me the car will be reflashed Monday - it takes 80 minutes. I am paying for a car I have not even driven off the lot. The thing is - I DOUBT JEEP CARES WILL EVEN BOTHER TO GET THIS ISSUE RESOLVED. And trust me, there is not a setting in uConnect where you can update the heated seat/steering wheel settings. I say this because this setting is easy to change on my wife's Cherokee. I must say, I feel bad for all Renegade customers who have had issues with their new Jeep. Chrysler has become a pathetic company by not fixing quality defects.
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I hope to visit the uConnect Department at work tomorrow. I work at the Chrysler Tech Center. Maybe I can find some information why the heated steering wheel shut off button does not respond. This is basic engineering. How the Chrysler electrical and uConnect department screwed this up is beyond me but, considering the current culture at Chrysler, these issues are becoming more prominent.
It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow when I pick up the car. Although the paper work has been signed, I may look at getting out of this deal and getting into an American Jeep. I mean, at the end of the day, the Renegade is nothing more than a POS Fiat. Why should any customer be forced to drive a vehicle with a heated steering wheel that will not shut off? This is insane.

I checked in the Media Manual for UConnect 5.0 and it states in the settings main menu the following:
Auto-On Comfort — If Equipped
When this feature is selected, the driver’s heated and/or
ventilated seats and heated steering wheel (if equipped)
are activated based on the outside temp. To make your
selection, press the “Off”, “Remote Start”, or “All Starts”
buttons on the touchscreen. (All Starts is functional with
remote start or key start.) Press the “Back Arrow” button
on the touchscreen to return to the previous screen.

Hope this helps!

Top Care Specialist
FCA Canada
I challenge FCA to upload a video showing this procedure. I guarantee my challenge will not be met. If FCA wishes to avoid customers fleeing to Toyota, Kia, Hyundai or another American car company, they should make time to upload a video showing this procedure or, at the very minimum, get a service notification out to the dealer network
there are no tsbs released for the heated steering wheel feature not turning off. I would definitely recommend a trip to the dealership to have this diagnosed. Please feel free to reach out to me for assistance in scheduling an appointment.
customers are not having success getting this fixed!!! Has it occurred to fca they should find a solution, get the fix to the dealers and notify customers. Perhaps the top fca engineers are eating too much spaghetti to bother satisfying customers.
I have a customer care case open for Kyle, and, as he noted above, this is something our engineers are currently working on a permanent repair for. I'm hoping we will have a TSB or something similar to share ASAP.
No...they are not working on it. I know because I work at the Chrysler Tech Center.

Doesn't matter....I took delivery on a real American Jeep Cherokee. The Renegade is Italian crap.
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