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Slush Mats

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at purchasing slush mats for my Renegade North.

I feel like my dealer is overpricing them. They are the Mopar one part # 82214194AB. My dealer told me that he was making me a good deal as he stated that they are regular $300 but he would let me have them for $175.

I've been pricing them online.

I am very close to the U.S. Boarder and thought about running across to get them. As you all know our dollar sucks big time lately. Ordering them from our Neighbours south of the border isn't very appealing.

Does anyone know any online Canadian stores that sell mats for the Renegades that are seasonally priced.

I'd also like to know how much Canadians are paying for their slush mats?
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My wife just got Weather Tech for hers. Great fit and look great.
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