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soap - am I over thinking this?

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Me and the roomate wash our cars, usually weekly (yes, I'm proud of my jeep :)), and as a college student always looking to save money. I've been using meguiars car soap I found at a local autozone but was browsing online and it looks like I've been overspending.

Ok this might seem a little silly to some of you, but is there really a difference between car soaps? A quick google search and there is plenty of information (ex: or about pH balanced formulas or super foaming soaps with/without emulsifiers, wax gloss enhancement etc. Is this all marketing tactic or is there really a difference in the quality of soap you can find?

I found a 100 ounce rainx brand soap for cheaper than meguiars I've been using which comes in 65 ounces.

Would my car even notice if I made the switch? Could I use dish soap or are those claims about it doing damage true as well?
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Dish soap will strip wax in general. Lemon soaps are way more acidic than you'd think. Skip the dish soap.

I use some never heard of them soap with polymer wax that comes in gallons. Seems to work pretty well at cleaning and leaves something slick on the finish that makes getting bird poop off a bit easier.
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