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soap - am I over thinking this?

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Me and the roomate wash our cars, usually weekly (yes, I'm proud of my jeep :)), and as a college student always looking to save money. I've been using meguiars car soap I found at a local autozone but was browsing online and it looks like I've been overspending.

Ok this might seem a little silly to some of you, but is there really a difference between car soaps? A quick google search and there is plenty of information (ex: or about pH balanced formulas or super foaming soaps with/without emulsifiers, wax gloss enhancement etc. Is this all marketing tactic or is there really a difference in the quality of soap you can find?

I found a 100 ounce rainx brand soap for cheaper than meguiars I've been using which comes in 65 ounces.

Would my car even notice if I made the switch? Could I use dish soap or are those claims about it doing damage true as well?
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Well for that price I should probably be doing the same as you. So your choice is meguiars not because of any added benefit to using their soap, its just because you get it for a good deal - right?
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