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SoCal Trailhawk Owner Saying Hello

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Hi all. I've had my Trailhawk for a couple of months and have racked up over 10,000 miles. Very few issues so far. Had front passenger CV boot replaced under warranty (they actually replaced the entire half shaft) at around 7,000 miles. Had the various warnings associated with loss of 4x4 at around 3,000 miles one single time. It was a little nerve wracking as I was I'm the middle of Ocotillo Wells SVRA. Warning lasted about 3 minutes and then 4x4 returned. Has not happened again since. Other than those two small issues, it's been great. I've owned two Wranglers (one TJ and a JKU, both base models). I would compare the off road capabilities to the base Wranglers, except for the EXTREME lack of articulation. The Renegade is very tippy. Likes getting on 3 wheels easily. Sorry for the long post, but I've been reading on here for months and this is my first post.

List of offroad areas in SoCal that the Trailhawk does just fine on-
Berdoo Canyon, Joshua Tree
Indian Trail Truck Trail/Bee Canyon, Idyllwild
Cleghorn Trail, SB
Lyttle Creek
Lucerne Valley
Indian Truck Trail, Corona
Several trails in both Anza-Borrego and Ocotillo Wells

Probably have about 500 miles off road so far. Loving it.

I recommend "California Back Roads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails" by Wells and Peterson. Stick to trails marked Moderate and below and you should be OK, even if you have to sometimes turn around.

If I figure out how to post a pic I will. I've got RR's spacers and hitch kit (both top notch kit), and Mickey Thompsons on 16" steel wheels. Used Yakima load warrior w/ extension and it's the perfect size. Mounted KC lights (two spot, two fog) and it all looks nice and factory.

Favorite car I've owned.
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Welcome!!! Would love to see pics when you get a chance! Can you also post info on adding your KC lights... How much, does all of it affect your miilage at all? Thanks!
Thank you for the warm welcome Hd. I already had the mounts and bars on my Patriot. Basket, extension, locks, and lights was about $800. If you go to do it, let me know. I wired it in such a manner that there are no cab penetrations save the one "X" in the large rubber grommet by the brake pedal for the switches. It's external, but it's clean, waterproof, and looks sharp. Basket and lights dropped mileage by 2-3 mpg. Tires dropped it about 6 more. The extra traction is great, but it comes at a heavy price. I currently get as good as 24 and as poor as 15. Still better than either of my Wranglers. Tires are now the same size as my stock TJs were (225/75-16).
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Looks gorgeous! Really love the tires...and the cat as well. :laugh:

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to more pics.
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Thanks L- That's Ted. :)
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I love how Ted stayed for the camera. Great shot.
Love the light setup. Would love to see the light setup a bit closer and how you wired it into the cabin.

Oh and Welcome to the forum.

Thanks twospirits. We have eight cats, so it's actually rare to get a picture WITHOUT a cat in it. I posted a write up of the light install under Aftermarket Accessories and Add Ons. "Let's Put Some Lights On This Sucker"
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