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(SOLVED) Engine crank but won't start Trailhawk 2019

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Hi all, Minnesotan here. Have this Jeep Renegade 2019 Trailhawk with 97800 milages. Never runs into any engine-related issues and has just changed the oil & oil filter. The car ran fine this afternoon, and I left it outside at -15 degrees for three hours. Then the car won't start. I heard the cranking, but the engine just won't run. I had a passerby jump my battery for 2 min still won't start. The computer also started going crazy after several attempts to start the car and gave me several warnings on coolant, ABS, etc. Any clue what might be the problem here? I need this car to run an errand on Saturday, so I have to get some help quickly here...
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Probably the battery. When there is not enough power the computer gives random error messages.
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