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[SOLVED] low batt warning came and went ??? 2021 jeep renegade trailhawk

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Hi guys!

i have a 2021 jeep renegade trailhawk

today i started it up and the low battery came on

and i drover around and it finally went.

it was showing 11.4v while i was driving.

but finally later it went back to 14 volts

then i started it up after my stop and it was 13.2 at start and went to 14.

just checked it to night and started it was 12.4 and went to 14 now after starting it.

soooo do u think i need a new battery?

i always turn off the start stop every time i start the car i push the button to turn it off.

i dont use that feature.

could my battery be dying after 2 years?

the low battery light went away.

kinda confused.

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are this better than so call normal batteries?
AGM is maintenance free, provides good electrical reliability and is lighter than the flooded lead-acid type. It stands up well to low temperatures and has a low self-discharge. The leading advantages are a charge that is up to five times faster than the flooded version, and the ability to deep cycle.
yes if u get a new battery best to make it an agm one.
OK...So... Other than being maintenance-free (which EFB batteries are too), do the other advantages of AGM make it better for applications like this? Specifically the Auto Stop/Start?
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OK...So... Other than being maintenance-free (which EFB batteries are too), do the other advantages of AGM make it better for applications like this? Specifically the Auto Stop/Start?
For starters, AGM batteries provide more electrical energy than an EFB can and recharge up to five times faster. An AGM battery will also typically last two to three times longer than a flooded battery, with an average lifespan of five to eight years

so for a start stop appplication charging faster would be good right
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absorbent glass mat
Still a lead acid batt and not worth the money. My experiance was they are fast to fail if they are cycled at all. They like to be kept close to full charge. I went through three of them before going back to the old wet cell deep cycle marine batteries which last for years and can take a beating. Not to mention are much much cheaper
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hmmm im wondering if my stock battery blanket will fit around the new one ok well see this weekend lol :p
hmmm im wondering if my stock battery blanket will fit around the new one ok well see this weekend lol :p
It should if it's an H6. Otherwise, be aware newer Renegades don't have a blanket...
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all done :)

its a perfect stock replacement

the battery blanket fits

it has holes for the positive distribution block holdown too.

tools needed:

10mm short socket for terminals
13 mm deep well with a long extension for the battery holdown strap
phillips for the positive terminal block holddown screw

very happy to have a yellow top optima installed :)

agm now :)

the part number from optima is "DH6" yellow top you can find it on amazon of course as well.


ok on to the next thing, ill take the car into the tire shoppe to fix the right rear tire is leaking 3 psi per week pissing me off lol got some driving trips coming so wanna fix that.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Yellow Automotive tire Gas
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PROBLEM IS BACK today !!! :-(

ok so its not the battery lol :p

electrical gremlin :p

so today started it up to drive the boy to school and read 12.4 V and did not go up to 14 and low batt light is on.

after 15 min of driving it went to 14.0 V and batt light still on

stopped on the side road and turned it off and turned it on and low batt light is out and 13.2 volts again and back up to 14 volts now. no low batt light

does this sound like the alternator is going bad ???

sounds like i have a warranty repair in my immediate future at the dealer.

so u guys think alternator then?

hmm not sure what else it could be but the alternator.
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or is seomthing staying on all night llike a ignition switch hahahah :p and konking out the battery overnight!!

lol i guess the 2021 trailhawk is too new cause none of the stores has this alternator.
hmmm from mopar parts it looks like

2021JeepRenegade80th Anniversary, Latitude, Limited, Trailhawk1.3L L4 - Gas

that they all have the same alternator

Alternator - Mopar (68412621AA)
2019-2022 Mopar - 68412621aa

ohhh its on sale for $520 dollars wow ;p

so in silicon valley it seems all the dealers appointments are booked.

i will have to try my luck at the pull up line i guess........
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Well, at this point, I wouldn't guess and just throw (more) parts at the problem without knowing exactly what's wrong. Definitely dealer time, under your warranty. I understand the dealers there are booked -- how far out? But the other choice to to go to an independent shop and probably have to pay for it.

At least you know you've got a good battery now -- better than your OEM one.

Let us know!
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yah i was able to book friday and a 2nd dealer i tried

the dealer i originally goto said we have slots in may.

i mean u buy a new car and have a 2 month wait for service??

thats kinda crazy.

but thats how it is here in silicon valley

otherwise u have to try and talk at the pull up line.

i wouldnt mind swapping out an alternator myself (if i knew that would fix it for sure)

i mean ive done that job many many times its pretty easy.

ill let u guys know how the dealer goes!!

this is the dealer i bought it from so maybe they like me
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i do like the battery but dont wanna ruin the new one with the problem hahah

well it seems intermittant....

but kinda scary since i dont want to get stuck on side of the road either.
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i must be scaring people who are reading this thread lol

people who have bought a new renegade lol :D
after the optima install it ran fine for a few days having 14 volts a few secs after turnon.
1 time it showed 14.8 v
Car Motor vehicle Vehicle White Light

today on 1st startup :-( the battery light is on :-(

took about 15 min for 14 v to show up again driving

its been working good on monday and tuesday though sooo hmmm no clue man.
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can high rpm burn out a renegade trailhawk alternator?

hmmm with car off battery is showing 12.73 volts as measured on multimeter
with car on its showing 13.34 volts and went up to 13.4 volts

i ran for 5 min and turned car off

battery is measuring 12.98 volts.

seems pretty decent to me lol :p

ill test again in the morning before i turn on the car to see what it goes down to overnight.

maybe its contacting mars or something overnight hmmm with a huge current draw.
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