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SOLVED - Seat Belt Clicking In My Ear

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I was experiencing the same issue that many others had brought up in previous threads from the past 5 years or so: My seat belt would make a "clicking" noise in my ear, coming from right around the height adjuster.

It was an off & on problem, sometimes clicking with every subtle shoulder movement while I was driving, sometimes not clicking at all for a period of time. But when it WAS clicking, it was obnoxious to say the least and driving me NUTS!

When I took it to my local Jeep dealership, they told me it wasn't repairable and I would need to just replace seatbelt. Oh yeah, by the way, that was going to cost me $1202 before tax ($710 for parts & $492 for labor), just to replace a dang seat belt, which is clearly defective.

Anyway, long story short, my dad helped me research and he ended up finding this YouTube video of a similar issue in a BMW seat belt. If you follow along in this video, it shows exactly how to find the source of the issue and how to fix it. The seat belts are nearly identical in this BMW & in the Renegade (at least in my 2018 TH).

The clicking is from a worn down/compressed spring washer that is sitting between the plastic seat belt bezel and the torx bolt.
To get to this spring washer:
  • Pop off the height adjuster cover
  • Unscrew the torx bolt (mine required a size T47)
  • Remove the tight-fitting silver washer & the plastic bezel piece (you will then see the spring washer)
  • Either replace the spring washer or bend it so it regains more tension (make it so it isn't so flat)

I bent the spring washer enough so it wasn't as flat, almost making a "V" shape, and put the seat belt back together. So far, no more clicking and no more of me going insane.
If it comes back, my plan is to replace the spring washer altogether with another one, ideally one that is not as thin and "tinny sounding."

Hope this helps anyone else out there experiencing this issue. Definitely worth trying to fix it yourself rather than getting completely screwed out of $1200 by the dealership for a replacement.
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and enjoy the forum!
Great post! I made it a sticky.
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