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Hello everyone! I have an issue with my Renegade Limited 2015, help me please to understand what is this.

Few weeks ago I became noticing strange “white noise” from the underneath after right turn. This noise went off after 10-15 seconds. Later this began to repeat more often.
Nowadays this noise appears after:
  • full stop
  • turning off traction control
  • turning on 4wd button
  • crossing railway on good speed
  • turning right or left on crossroads
  • turning wheels far right or far left at a low speed
This noise disappears after 10-300 seconds when:
  • traction control is on
  • 4wd lock is off
  • speed is more 15 mph
(All conditions must be met simultaneously)

It doesn’t influence on dynamics, steering, braking, moving etc, only annoying sound.
It appears only while on the move (can hear at 5 mph and higher)
It has constant character (no pulsating, just shhhhhhhhh)
The dealer is far away, I try to fix it at local service, they don’t know what it can be. May be someone of you can suggest?
(Sorry for my English)
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