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Welcome aboard! I too have supplanted my auto-itch with a motorcycle one. After my '08 Sky Redline, I bought a ho-hum HHR but my first motorcycle, a Kawasaki ER-6n. That was six years ago now and I'm on my third bike, a V Star 950 Tourer.

Also, I recently spent the holidays with the in-laws in the outskirts of Austin near Bee Cave. While there, I had rented an R 1200 RT, and got to explore some amazing Hill Country roads. Day 1 was somewhat close; Spicewood, Oatmeal, and a wildlife preserve in between in the morning. Around Round Mountain, I broke off from the group and took a gaggle of farm and ranch roads to Fredericksburg.

Day 2 I took a series of mostly back roads to get to Medina. From there, I rode the first leg of the Twisted (or Three) Sisters which, I must say, was some of the best motorcycling I've ever done so far in my life. Decided to head back and cut through some very, very tiny towns, Vanderpool, Utopia, and Hondo en route to San Antonio as I've never been there.

Anywho, welcome to the forum! Sorry for blabbering there. I was so excited to ride the motorbike in and around Austin and as you're from there, I thought you might relate.

So may I ask, what do you ride?


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