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Hi there new Jeep owner here. I’m have a used 2016 renegade latitude with the 2.4 engine with 28,000 and there is this sound that I here from t he inside cab. It gets a little louder when I accelerate over 40 mph. I’m new to having a truck or suv type car. I came from a Honda Fit. So this sound is new. I attached a clip below. Any help would be great.

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Hey there,
I just replaced the pads and rotors( I think I spelled it right, lmao) also I just noticed that the tires aren’t the same brand- drive front and rear passenger are the same as in vs with the other side.
I can assure you it’s a tire issue. I also got two different tire brands (Goodyear on right, Dunlop on left) and I have this same exact noise. Only happened after the different tires were put on. I assume it’s something with the different frequencies of the treads on the road between the tires, something like those “music roads.” It’s either all that or somethings wonky with a single tire.
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Omg thank you for wasting my fears I really love my Jeep and different want it to be anything forget than tires. Do you recommend a brand?
The Goodyear ones are nice quality and affordable. The Dunlop ones are from Walmart and are basically the cheapest tire you can get that’s “safe.” I got them from flat replacements where I felt like being a cheapskate. Looking back I’d rather go with Goodyear.
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