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Hi there new Jeep owner here. I’m have a used 2016 renegade latitude with the 2.4 engine with 28,000 and there is this sound that I here from t he inside cab. It gets a little louder when I accelerate over 40 mph. I’m new to having a truck or suv type car. I came from a Honda Fit. So this sound is new. I attached a clip below. Any help would be great.

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I don’t want to promote driving and recording video, but can you take a few more videos for us?

1. During acceleration from a stop.
2. Decelerating without brakes.
3. Decelerating with brakes.

I’m wondering if it could be a wheel bearing. Or perhaps the brakes are grinding if you have no pad material and your wear indicators either failed or you simply didn’t notice. Have you checked your pads?

This is what you don’t want to see 😂 ...


You can see the the 4 little tabs (wear indicators) failed (they should be extended past the metal backing for the pads, but they aren’t). And you can see the right side pad is completely gone and left side pad is all chewed up. I had grinding noise just like yours with this situation.

This was shortly after purchasing a used Camry with 40,000 miles.
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Hey there,
I just replaced the pads and rotors( I think I spelled it right, lmao) also I just noticed that the tires aren’t the same brand- drive front and rear passenger are the same as in vs with the other side.
That’s strange. Sounds like @rsanges might be correct on the tires.
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