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Hi there new Jeep owner here. I’m have a used 2016 renegade latitude with the 2.4 engine with 28,000 and there is this sound that I here from t he inside cab. It gets a little louder when I accelerate over 40 mph. I’m new to having a truck or suv type car. I came from a Honda Fit. So this sound is new. I attached a clip below. Any help would be great.

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To me it sounds like a wonky tire. That's the technical term. ;)

When I got my Latitude, used, it had Kelly's on the front, Dunlop's on the rear. Yes, the tires were in great shape and had many miles left on them, but the anal retentive part of me couldn't handle seeing the different tread patterns. So it got 4 new shoes and 4 wheel alignment. My Latitude was never noisy, but the new shoes made it much quieter. Are your present tires wearing uneven/odd ?

BUT, it could be a bad hub. If your tires are close to worn out, I'd replace them first, because you'll have to anyways. If you do and the hub is shot (pricey job), well at least you have new tires.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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