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Spare tire, Latitude/Limited (adding)

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Well, I pulled the plug and ordered and received the Lattitude/Limited Full Size limited use Spare tire kit) which includes tire (145/90 R16) Continental (mounted on black steel wheel which will work for temp use on all std sized Latitude/Limited tires, jack/lug wrench, another Phillips screw driver, lock nut to lock down spare in trunk, instruction sheet and tool bag. I bought this item off of ebay eBay item number:161746633887.
Here are photos of install.
1. Remove Jeep insert (retain for later use), remove foam tray insert-dispose of (remove bolt holding foam insert to body), but keep funnel, custom hex key, screwdriver, which will all be placed in your tool bag later.
2. Install tire and tighten with supplied lock nut ,
3. Place your previously removed inflator kit in top left corner of spare area and your tool kit with (jack, lug wrench, screwdriver, funnel, hex tool)on left side of spare tire. Plenty of room for anything else around spare tire, i.e. jumper cables.
4. Install your jeep labeled liner above tire -- even though instructions say to remove and dispose of. This fits fine so no need to throw away.
5. Close cargo floor and you are all set to go.
I have included photos of. Empty spare tire area, spare tire installed, inflator and tool bag installed, Jeep logo liner installed and finished product.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to purchase and install OEM Jeep spare tire (limited use) for their Jeep Renegade Transition or Limited. I would say this would probably fit Sport as well.
\Good Luck.


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As of today, I am a 2 week owner of my new Sport AWD Renegade. I got the 16" Steel Wheel with Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 215/65R16 offered in as spare tire. $160 Shipped, mount and balance included.

It fits perfectly underneath. Original stud from the foam tray with the big washer fits perfectly to lock in the wheel.

Hope this helps!
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