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Spare Tire Questions/Comments/Info THREAD

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My husband and I just purchased the 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude.

We are having a heck of a time finding a spare tire for it. We prefer a donut since room is limited but will do a full size if nothing else.

Jeep dealership quoted 815.00 just for the aluminum rim and no tire.

The size is 215/60/17. What are my options?
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When I picked up mine I had them put the skinny + jack kit in. 190 Euros inc taxes.

My understanding was that a full sized 18" wheel will not fit in the well.
But the kit comes with 2 retaining bolts: One for skinny and a longer one for a full sized.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to take one of your 18s off and see if it fits.

Maybe it's only that it doesn't sit flush?

If you want a laugh about such design issues check out what JLR did to accommodate a full-size spare in the F-Pace:

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Hi raygun.

I don't think the FCA TPMS system is clever enough to deal with 5 wheels.
So the 5th needs to be treated as a temporary spare without TPMS sensor and you'll get the relevant warning lights.
Or you could have a TPMS sensor fitted to the spare, but would then have to get the whole system reprogrammed to accept
the spare's sensor and forget the old one?

Did you also order a jack, as they don't come with those either.
It's unforgivable for the TH not to have a full sized spare as standard.

At least they are available. The new Alfa Guilia only has the Fix 'n' Go
repair kit or runflats as options, apparently.
The more (side wall) rubber, the better in my books. But even the 18s are not really low profile tyres.

The overall rolling radius between 16 17 and 18 are the same. Give-or-take. It doesn't make the car sit any lower.

Clearance on brake calipers can be an issue on some cars. (On certain Alfas you had to put the skinny spare
on the back as it wouldn't fit over the front calipers. So losing a front meant changing the wheel twice
to get back on the road.)
Not sure it's an issue on the Renegade.
XL and FSL,FP,FR or MFS are good to add to
your tyre spec if you have a kerbista in the family. ;)
Here's the compressor I've used in the last 3 cars inc the current one:


Cheap as chips, has never let me down.

Ha. Typo. Mine is light, but not that light.
They fit straight in. You just take out the polystyrene insert. (It's just held in place by a bolt to the spare wheel bolt hole.)

You'll also need a jack.
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