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SPECIAL ORDER: if you want DIESEL you can Special Order it

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last WeekEnd i went to the Los Angeles CA Auto Show, and i obviously went to the Jeep Booth where i started chatting with one of the Reps and complaining about the lack of Diesel Option for the Renegade.

Her answer was that impressively a good amount of people asked about a Diesel Renegade at the show, so he doesn't think it's impossible it will be imported in the Future.

BUT THEN... surprise!

One other rep overheard the conversation, he came there and said:

"Look, many people in these years have already special ordered and imported Wrangler Diesel from Europe, i am pretty sure if you ask a Dealership to Special Import a Diesel Renegade, it won't be a problem, provided you will be willing to pay yourself for the import price and customs on top of the Retail Price and wait for all the paperwork to go through..."

So then the conversation went about how much convenient a Diesel Renegade would be even if Diesel price is higher than Gasoline... as long as you do more than 15k miles a year and provided you keep the car for at least 5 years... it's worth the Deal.

If you do more than 20k miles, it becomes a no brainier.


But then, a few days later, i was contacted by the Dealership in my home town in NC... they got my info from the show and they asked me which car we were Interested into...

I told him i wanted a Jeep RENEGADE... Diesel

His answer was that Diesel is not available for the RENEGADE... but then, i told him:

"YES, i am aware of that, but how about special importing one from Europe, where the Renegade is originally built, and bring here one with a 2Liter Diesel... would that be possible?"

The answer was:
"I am pretty sure we've done that in the past with other Jeeps, so it should be possible with the Renegade too, just beware it maybe a considerable price to add to the car, and it may not be worth it considering the Renegade costs less than $25k, but if you really want it, we might be able to do it"

So we left that we will talk about it in January when the Renegade will go on sale in the US... so


Now we will have to see how much actually is to get the Diesel over here... that's what may be scary.

If the Diesels usually cost $4k more than normal, and you add another $3k to special order it... we are already talking about $7k, and this is talking optimistically...

that would bring us over the $30k barrier, and worst case, the $35k budget limit we have.


To me it's still a great new that we can Special Order it... considering my Girlfriend drives well over 20k miles a Year, and we plan on keeping this car for a long time... i would be willing to pay more than 30k for a Diesel Renegade

let's hope for the best
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Yup, it shouldn't fall too far behind the Dart. On our end at least can go through best practices to ensure we get the best MPG's possible for our Renegades as they could very by an insignificant number
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