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Stock Trailhawk 215/65R17 size Tires

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After looking for tire alternatives for the stock Trailhawk size tire I came across the Jeep Patriot forum. It turns out they use the exact same same 215/65R17 Trailhawk size tire. They are discussing the well respected Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires and trying to get them to produce the 215/65R17 size.

After speaking with Doug A. from Cooper Tires Consumer Quality Systems, the "Products Team" is indeed aware of the marketing opportunity, as well as the present and future demand for the 215/65R17 size. Further, and although he was being careful, he told me that I would be happy to know that I may indeed have my wish this coming summer! This and other aspects of the conversation lead me to firmly believe that this size is definitely coming in 2015. Now on to the ATW!
I also emailed them and here is the response I received:
Tom, we do not currently have either size in the Discoverer A/T3 tire line. The 215/65R17 is available in the Weather-Master S/T2 tire line. There may be some future tire development in that size, but currently we do not have either tire size in the A/T3, Thanks, Les
So you can see the two responses are pointing to hope there will be an alternative to the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A®. This is very important as so far the promised Falken WildPeak A/T tire Jeep said they are working on has been a no show.

Please email and phone Cooper Consumer Relations and request they make the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires in the 215/65R17 size. Explain to them the New Jeep Renegade Trailhawk along with the Jeep Patriot, will allow them to sell tens of thousand in the 215/65R17 size.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.854.6288

Please keep this thread to discuss just the stock 215/65R17 Trailhawk size tires, if you want to discuss alternative A/T size tires for the Trailhawk please do so on this thread:
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After seeing the Trailhawk in person yesterday and test driving it, I really like the stock Trailhawk rims. As the selection for aftermarket 16" rims in the Renegade 5x110mm bolt pattern is so limited I'm really hoping Cooper or Falken will come out with a decent 215/65R17 size tire alternative to the stock Goodyear SR-As.

Please email Cooper about their Discoverer A/T3, and Falken, about their Wildpeak A/T and ask them when / if they will have the 215/65R17 size available. Please post the responses you get back here.

The Cooper contact information is listed above, for Falken:
[email protected]
Main Phone: 800-723-2553
I just received a response from Cooper Tire's Director of Product Management, Americas:
GREAT JOB O'DubhGhaill, Thank you, good to see their feedback.
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