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Storage for jerrycan, spare and other goodies?

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I’m looking in to options for outboard storage for Extra gas mainly and maybe a full size spare and some extra goodies. My dilemma is I love the My Sky panels that I have and want to be able to take them Off and enjoy the weather. So I’m hesitant about having a roof basket or similar. Do you all have any other options.

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The design of the Renegade with it's flip-up tailgate limits how you can store things. AVID makes several options, you can even buy a generic rig that inserts in your trailer hitch if you have one. The AVID setups are pricey but you get what you pay for; most require you removing the entire plastic rear fascia and replacing with a metal bumper.

Any change won't be cheap, you have to evaluate how bad you want that extra 5 gallons of gas.
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