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Sunroof won't open after battery replacement (fuse issue?)

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I recently had to replace the OEM battery in my Trailhawk and I started having nothing but problems. After the battery replacement, when i crank the Jeep, I started seeing a bunch of warning lights and the car won't shift out of park. After some extensive research, it appears this is a somewhat common problem this the Renegade. When the old battery was died, it lost communication with the CAN-bus and even w/ the new battery in, the communication was never re-established. Instead of going to the dealership, I was able to find an independent tech who had access to the FCA software and he was able to reset my system and all was well.

But today, when driving, I wanted to open the MySky sunroof and it wouldn't open. I called the tech who did the reprogramming for me and he said the sunroof doesn't have its own module so the reprogramming shouldn't have affected its operation.

That leaves me to investigate whether the fuse that controls the sunroof is bad or not. Does anyone here know which fuse is the correct on that controls the sunroof in the Renegade? I couldn't find anything online.

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Thanks I found the fuse in the luggage area and it appears to be good. I also saw another 7.5A fuse by the steering column but I have to check it during the day.

what additional 20A fuse in the control unit are you referring to?
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