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I am so excited!
I test-drove an Omaha Orange Latitude on May 23rd at Hayes of Baldwin (GA), drove a Mojave Sand Limited on May 25th at the Hayes dealership in Oakwood/Gainesville, then told the dealership owner that I wanted a Colorado Red Limited. So on Wednesday, the owner called and told me that he found one in Commerce, GA. I told him I wanted it, they sent someone to get it and bring it to their dealership closer to me, I went and saw it, said, "Yes!!!" I drove her home on Thursday!!!!

I've been driving a 2004 PT Cruiser Limited for 11 years and never found anything I was excited about, but for some reason I saw the Renegade and fell it love with it. On the day that I was set to pick up my Jeep, my PT died (fuel pump). Talk about timing!

Really excited to start browsing options to customize my Jeep!


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