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Hey, I will start off by saying...yes I know I can take to dealer for resolution.
However this has been intermittent till now...and if not happening at time I take it in, there would be nothing to be able to fix.
So I was just wondering if anyone else had this?

At times I hear kinda like a rattling noise which seems to be coming in the area of the middle vent section on front dash.
Will happen one ride...then not again. For instance happened yesterday on my drive home from somewhere, but not at all today.

I am not sure concerned at this point...just wondering if anyone else had...and if taken in what needed to be done?

Like I said, I think it needs to happen more consistently for me to want to take it in. My Sky opened up on the weekend. Driving the mats from Renegade Ready, they fit great and like them way more than the default cloth ones it came with.
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