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Nev!! I just opened my manual to answer that only to see I was beaten to the answer. Great Job there.

May I ask a related qustion? Of course PuddleSplasher :p

If I have a Jeep Owners manual sitting beside me and can find the answer then why can new members to the forum not do the same thing? I also downloaded a full and comprehensive version of the Jeep Owners (PDF format) manual and it's saved on my desktop.

Each of them are very easy to search and often obtain the answer to a question such as "What is this icon"?

Perhaps it is because this forum cares about other Jeep drivers that we do this for personal gratification or pleasure as we are bored or have the knowledge.

Why I wonder do new members just ask outright such simple questions that are found in their Personal Owners manual. If they can read the forum then they are not illiterate and are perfectly capable of finding their own answers.

Rant over: I have given almost 5 hours replying today and now I am off to chat with other friends.

No insults were intended but if anyone is thin skinned and take them as such then thicken up that skin :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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