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yes its the exhaust flopping around in the hangers. The one in front of the Cat Converter mostly the problem.

My Trailhawk made a banging noise while offroading since I bought it in April.

Jeep really should have added an additional hanger or put firmer/heavy duty ones in. There is like a 6 foot section of steel pipe and Cat Converter that is unsupported.

I took it to the dealer but they don't think its a problem. Test driving around on paved roads it is fine.

I finally fixed my problem by sticking rubber filler strips in the voids of the hangers thereby taking away the ability of the exhaust to flop around a inch or so while traveling over the bumps.

I used some 1/2 thick rubber strips I found laying around the garage. I think its some high density rubber weather stripping for insulting doors and windows I got at the Home Depot a long time ago.
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