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Tire Cleaner

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What do you use on your tires to keep them looking like new ? As tires age they look kind of brown. I don't know whether to use silicone or non-silicone based tire dressings.
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Be careful. Just ruined my steelies with tire cleaner overspray. Guess the can should have said "Safe on all wheels!*"

*except yours
It left drip mark looking etching in their black paint. They went from uniform gloss black to a varied drippy looking hazy finish. Oh well. Live and learn. Glad it wasn't the set of OEMs. And this was just overspray/drips from cleaning the tires themselves. When I was a kid I did my dad a "favor" and detailed his '91 Spirit. I used wheel cleaner on his OEM snowflakes. Ate the clear coat off of them. Haven't used wheel cleaner directly on wheels since.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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