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This isn't specific to the Renegade... Except that I'm trying to keep accurate tire pressure on my 2021 Trailhawk.

I've got several decent-quality (I think) dial-type tire gauges -- one in each of our vehicles, and a couple on the garage shelf.

Most gauges agree pretty-well with one another, to with one psi or so.

Two of the gauges are like this:
View attachment 2396355895

And they don't agree with one another. One reads about three psi higher than the other, on the identical tire. And, again, that's higher than the other tire gauges I've got.

I notice there's a knurled collar on the chuck (I think it's called). It screws off, and the core (again I think) is slotted:

View attachment 2396355897

Is there any way to "calibrate" the tire gauge using any of those bits?

By the way, the TPMS system on the Traihawk tends to show a few psi higher than most of my gauges, even before the tires heat up with driving. So I'm trying to figure out if the TPMS system is inaccurate, or most of my tire gauges...
must spend at least $40.00+ for an accurate gauge. then they can still be +/- 3psi off
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