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once I filled the offending tire to 35 instead of 33 the warnings went off!
All the warnings went off? The display and the warning icon?

What pressure are your Renegade's tire supposed to be filled to? It depends on the specific-size tires. There's a sticker on the bottom of the driver's side B-column that tells you:
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Tire pressure of 33 psi seems a bit low; the TPMS system may not have been happy with that. But again that depends on tire size. On my 2021 Trailhawk, the tires are supposed to be 36 psi, but the tires are probably a bit larger than yours.

Or, possibly, your TPMS system needed a bit of time to reset itself.

In any case, all is good now?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts