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In my never-ending search for a reasonably-priced, full-size spare tire - as well as slightly beefier alternative-sized tires (especially for when winter gets here) for my Renny-Lat, I came across this very useful website;

My ride came with the 17" inch wheels, sporting 215/60R17's and I'd like to see a _little_ more meat, so was thinking of moving up to 215/65R17's

Looking at the very slight differences in the overall diameter, I'm thinking they'd fit no problem.

Now I just need to find an acceptable set of 17" rims, total of 5 to be precise. I won't need anything fancy, since 1 of them will be my spare, and 4 of them will be for a set of winter tires.

I have yet to find reasonably-priced rims.

This was the closest match I've found so far;

I believe the 5x110 is the correct lug pattern. But I don't think the 38mm offset or the 72 hub bore is correct. Does anyone know the accurate specs of the 17" rims that ship with the Renny-Lat? Or maybe if I knew how to properly measure things, I could do it myself..

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