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Tire Sizes (Non TH Models)

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I haven't been able to find a good thread to verify fitment of tires on the Non Trailhawk models. If there is and I missed it, I'm Sorry

So I am running a 225/65/17 (~28.5") with a 17x8 ET35 Wheel on a Sport 4x4

For clearance I have had no rubbing at full lock on flat ground and daily driving.

Tire to strut body clearance is about a finger tip at tightest point
Tire to strut spring perch is ~3/4" in front, more in rear.

Ill will have to get it off road to twist it up and air the tires down to see what happens. Will follow up soon.

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Nice renny, I like the color. I'm still debating about how much I can get away with my 16inch wheels. I'm looking into getting the general grabbers
That looks awesome!! I also want to get some oversized for my Limited.

Great choice of wheels and tires!

I'd love to see this turn into a thread of pics and tire sizes that people have gone with!
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I am running on a 215/60/R18 tire, with a Opening Edition


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KMC XD818 Heist

Hey Mechie,

Nice ride! Couple of questions on the wheels...

I believe the Renegade has 5 lug pattern wheels and the wheels you have there are the KMC XD818 Heist correct? Which I'm pretty sure have a 6 lug pattern.

Am I way off here? You obviously found wheels that work and since those are the exact wheels I'm looking to get can you elaborate on this point a little more?

I really appreciate any light you can shed on this for me! Again, sweet ride!!
You are correct in that they are the XD Heist

But you can get them in 5x110.
They are only in 17x8 in that pattern though.

Check around for prices but here is a link with some.

Another wheel I liked was the ATX series from American racing

But only came in a 18" in that lug pattern

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As a follow up..
I tried to get in a situation where it would rub a tire.

Pulled up on hill in yard. Flexed enough to lift two tires off ground with no rubbing. Wheels turned or not I could not get it to rub.

Going to try it again with front sway disconnected.

Pics soon.

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What is the correct bolt pattern for the wheels? On here its saying 5x110, but I have found a couple of sites that say its 5x114.3 like this one.

Looking to get the wife some wheels for her commando green latitude, and don't want to order the wrong ones. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
From what I been told it is 5x110 or 5x4.33. Hub Centric / Center Bore: 65.
Mine are most definitely 5x110 65.1 hub bore

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So I am running a 225/65/17 (~28.5") with a 17x8 ET35 Wheel on a Sport 4x4
That's a hela-pretty-blue! Nice looking wheels and tires setup.

Does everything work without spacers even? All you did was replace the wheels+tires and it's all good?

Looking forward to more pics! :)

No spacers or adaptors were used. But those wheeels have a bit more offset.

Just wheels and tires is all it took. Had the factory tpms swapped to aftermarket wheels.

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Had the factory tpms swapped to aftermarket wheels.
Right... I always forget about the TPMS... If folks wanted to keep the factory TPMS on their stock rims, but also have TPMS on their aftermarket rims - is that something the dealer would have to program before mounting the new tires on the new rims? Or could you just include the TPMS piece while purchasing a set of wheels+tires, say online for example?

TPMS is new to me, :)

Have you been able to twist and flex your Renny enough to get any rubbing yet?

I assume these tpms sensors work like others I've had.

You can buy a second set with the wheels. But I do think you would still have to have them programed each time you swap wheels.

I'm am going out this weekend to play around. I'll get some pics of the clearance.

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So, I'm having a problem finding an after market wheel that I actually really love. I've found plenty that I like, but I actually prefer the wheels my Renny-Lat came with in comparison.

Has anyone tried a larger set of tires on the OEM wheels? I'd like to move up a 215/65R17. In theory it would move me up to a 28" diameter setup, from the roughly 27.1 OEM setup.

But the brand tire I'd like is the Yokohama Geolander A/T-S. I had them on my Cherokee and my Durango, and they were a hella-excellent tire.

Problem is they don't come in 215/65R17. I can go with the same size as OEM, fire likely no increase in sidewall height or overall diameter. Or the next available size is 225/60R17, which moves up both width and sidewall.

Seems that 215/65R17 is a tricky size to find. Only 36 hits on

Sure wish I had a bud' with a tire-shop connection right about now...

"How about that one... Nope... Try that one... Nope... Let's try that one... Um, nope. That one on the end... Dernit..."

Like trying on shoes, right? :)
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Ok... I __might__ have finally made a decision on a wheel:

Anzio Vision 17x7.5 35mm offset

Possibly with these tires:
Goodyear Wrangler SR-A 215/65R17

I ___might___ do 225/60R17 or even 225/65R17 ... Course, if I go this route I'll be going with the tires I originally wanted; the Geolander A/T-S

Sounds as-if the Trailhawk doesn't have a ton more lift than the other trim-levels ... Still need to do some more research.
Problem with ordering wheels+tires online is it's pretty much a done deal... They don't fit and I'll likely be stuck trying to eBay the SoBs, LOL :)
A successful first trip to the offroad park.

Very happy with the performance.

And no tire rubs.

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Looks like serious fun. Excellent that the 225/65R17s work out. Super easy size to find compared to the crap-size stock tires. :)
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