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The 2016 New York Auto Show is right around the corner.

The Javits Center will open its doors to the automotive media starting March 23, and we can expect a few surprises from popular automakers. There have already been rumors about possible debuts, while some automakers have sent out teasers of what we can expect to bow in New York.

And why is this a Top 7 instead of a Top 10? Well that’s because there aren’t enough exciting debuts heading to the 2016 New York Auto Show… that we know of.
Read more about the Top 7 Most Anticipated 2016 New York Auto Show Debuts at

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I'll be there early to check the vehicles out and as always do Jeep Experience but this time in a Renegade. Something I didn't get to do last year since I did it in a Wrangler.
Short video showing the Experience at the event.

Other vehicles I'm curious to check out are the...
2018 Lincoln Navigator with its gullwing doors and concertina steps. :eek:
Hyundai Genesis New York Concept car
Nissan GT-R
Hyundai Tucson
and of course the top one on my list, the Jeep Renegade.

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