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I thought I would share some pictures of my fitted tow bar and some advice if you intend on carrying bikes, in particular mountain bikes with wide style handle bars.

It's a Westfalia detachable and was £550.00 fully fitted including VAT.
BUZZ RACK BRS EasyTilt 2 bike carrier no. BRP112 £224.95

First the back of the Renegade is very flat and the glass area does not curve away at all, so you need to be aware on the wider style handle bars fitted to most new proper mountain bikes and DH bikes the bar end will hit the rear glass?

Second again due to the flat back of the Renegade my buzz rack when tilted away from the boot only just clears the bottom edge of the boot bottom as you lift it up and when I say just I mean 2-3mm max?

So my advise is be careful what rear bike carrier you purchase due to the above but at least you all now know that the buzz tilt bike carriers do just about work by more luck than judgement on my part.


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Its interesting to see that the UK ones are a bit different from the US ones.
Cool pics.


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Hi Just joined the forum so thanks for the post. I was dissappointed to find that Jeep just have a roof carrying system rather than a rear mounted bike carrying system.
I want to be able to carry mine and the grandkids bikes easily so the lack of this option was a bit of a downer

The question is after a few months since you have had fitted, have you had any problems. The "clearance" ( or lack of) worries me


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