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Can anyone reintroduce this topic please for NON TH owners as indicated by the OP? Thanks.
What I can see as a problem, and I apologize if it has been mentioned in this tread already, because I didn't read it all.

But, items 2, 3, 5, 6 (in the OP's picture) are designed to bolt to the front bumper on the Trailhawk. The bumper on the Trailhawk is made of steel. Items 7 and 8 are the Red Hooks and mount through the items listed above. And you still need the 2 nuts that are not pictured for the end of the Red Hooks.

I don't know if the Trailhawk bumper is the same size (because of the steel bumper). I don't know if it mounts in the same location because the Trailhawk has a different bumper cover to allow for a better approach angle.

To accommodate the better approach angle, the radiator is raised 3 inches. I don't know if the Trailhawk front bumper is mounted any higher.

To raise the radiator you would need a Trailhawk lower core support. All Renegade's already have the provisions to mount the upper radiator retaining clips higher in them.

... does that mean that you now need the Trailhawk front bumper cover also? idk.

Item number 1 should be in the Jack bag.

The rear Red Hook, for my Trailhawk is mounted to the factory Tow Receiver.

@puddlesplasher I don't know if this is what you were referring too. lol

I have ALL of these parts listed here. My problem is, shipping, and what all do you really need or want?

If you want to put a Trailhawk front bumper cover, Front Bumper, Red Hooks with mounting brackets and hardware (minus item 4), Lower Radiator Core Support... I'm your Huckleberry.
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