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Street focused Jeeps, like Trailhawk just for pavement?

Steven St. Laurent observed that Chrysler has trademarked the term “Trackhawk,” which seems to be linked with the “Trail Rated” Trailhawk models. A Jeep retuned for high performance on roads and tracks could perhaps more sensibly be called a Trackhawk than an SRT, with Dodge having three SRTs now (and due to get two more), and Chrysler and Jeep having just one each.
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As cool as Trackhawk sounds, SRT is just as nice...if not, better. I'd hate to see them replace SRT with Trackhawk.
They aren't replacing SRT with Trackhawk, they are moving SRT to only be a Dodge brand thing, and making Trackhawk the equivalent for Jeep. So for Jeep its a replacement, but in the larger picture SRT still exists.
Renegade Trackhawk

The Renegade Trackhawk will be produced in the Italian plant at Melfi, where also exit the Abarth version of the 500X. The launch of these two is planned for 2018. The Trackhawk have aggressive look and lowered suspension, and other characteristics, and the 300 hp will come from a new Tigershark 2.4 biturbo version of the engine.
Where did this information come from? I read about a Hellcat engine going into the Grand Cherokee, but I haven't rad about his anywhere but here.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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