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Trade in a VW for €750 Off Jeep Renegade

FCA and VAG have always had a strong rivalry, are they simply kicking a combatent while they're down or shrewdly seizing an opportunity? Probably a bit of both.

Just last week VW's in house Italian subsidiary notified dealers across Italy that a stop sale on Euro 5 Type EA 189 diesel engines. So with VW unable to sell diesels in Italy, FCA is looking to pickup the slack. What FCA has done is offer current VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi owners a trade-in incentive ranging from 500 to 1,500 euros. You don't even need to own an affected diesel, just a VAG product.

Unfortunately not only are dealers sceptical, the campaign doesn't seem to be resonating with consumers. "This is not normal business competition but looting a rival in difficulties," one dealer told Automotive News Europe.

The problem here seems to be twofold. First, ostensibly there is a reason these buyers didn't purchase an FCA product to begin with. It's difficult to conquest sales if your target audience is simply uninterested or loyal to their current brand. Second, VW Italy has sent the word around in an internal memo. Some dealers have said they've seen no traffic or questions regarding the latest campaign, are consumers in Italy even aware of the offer, or do they just not care?

Regardless, if you trade in your current VAG vehicle, FCA will offer you X incentive depending on which model you're interested in. All prices in Euros

500: Fiat Panda, Punto, 500, Lancia Ypsilon and Alfa Romeo MiTo.
750: Fiat 500L, 500X, Freemont, Alfa Giulietta, Jeep Renegade, Cherokee and Wrangler
1,500: Jeep Grand Cherokee
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