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Trailer hitch Recall

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another recall to add to the list for this car.

the recalled jeeps were built between 8/25/2014-6/25/2016

"The trailer-hitch assembly may have been attached with only a single fastener per side, not three per side as required," the NHTSA said in its recall summary. "Without the proper number of fasteners, the trailer-hitch assembly may separate from the vehicle, and any towed vehicle may no longer be properly connected, increasing the risk of a crash."
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Mine had factory fit of the European removable towing Ball. It is identical to Westfalia one, we had two trailhawks alongside each other at the weekend and one was aftermarket fit and they are identical, apart from the cap that goes over the ball doesnt have "westfalia" written on it.

So, according to this thread, its either some of the smaller Nuts or the large Bolts that are missing.
I took a look under mine and took some photos, so this may help anyone that had one fitted in UK perhaps.

Bolts mentioned are ringed in black, nuts mentioned are ringed in red

Looking under my Jeep, its pretty easy to check if they are in place and thankfully they all are.

Nearside, on a UK right hand drive car:

Offside on a RHD car (drivers side):

Its an easy check to make, they can all be seen up underneath the bumper, if it is indeed these nuts and bolts.
These should be useful to several on here, so thank you for posting them.

In the UK, nearside is the left side and offside is the right side as though you are sitting in the vehicle facing forwards. So the location of the nuts and bolts should, I assume, be applicable to both left and right hand drive European and American models.
Went to the Mother ship on Saturday 10/ 8/16 for my first free oil change, service advisor knew about the recall, but still no fix yet. They will call me when they get the correct parts?? a couple nuts?? really???
You're telling us that Jeep don't stock nuts? Unf***ingbeliveable :eek::eek:
They are probably getting bids so they can go with the cheapest supplier.
This would be funny if it wasn't a possibility. Nuts should always be to hand, regardless of size and application. Again FCA's spares are called into question.
" you wanted for them to fix both issues at the same time" LOL!!! Good Luck with that.....
Miracles do happen...............
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