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2015 Renegade Trailhawk. It's going to be the wife's daily driver. We are officially an all jeep family now (my DD is a 2013 JKU and our toy/crawler is an 89 Comanche).

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Forgot to mention we are located in California.
Looks great hust like mine! What options did you get?
Congratulations on the newest edition! Please let us know of your experiences good and bad.

Mine is on it's way. Currently on a rail car in Toledo, OH. :D
and enjoy the forum!
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Congratulations! I'm sure she will love it. We also have a Commando Trailhawk. According to another post in this forum, the commando color was discontinued and not available for 2016 models. So now it's even more special.

(I am so envious of your preferred package.)
I read that green was discontinued also, one plus to jumping on the first year models.

We only have 300 miles on it so far but we haven't had any problems and are loving this little rig. Took it to my local OHV park a couple days ago. Thing did good. Climbs like a goat, but leaves a little to be desired in the articulation depart.

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