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TSB - horn sounding when locking door using the door panel switch

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NUMBER: 08-031-17
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: May 02, 2017

Flash: BCM Diagnostic And System Improvements

Customers may experience one or more of the following conditions listed below:
• **The horn will sound when locking the door using the door panel switch while the door is open.**
• Power driver’s seat will not move and active Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)
B1062-11 - Electric Seat Movimentation-Circuit Short To Ground, will be set (2015 - 2016 Only).
• If a vehicle has been started using the remote start and the door panel lock switch is pushed before the ignition has been turned on, the vehicle shuts off (2015 - 2016 Only).
• When ParkSense is turned off, the LED on the switch will turn on indicating the system is disabled. On the next key cycle the system is still disabled, but the LED on the switch will not turn on (2015 - 2016 Only).
• Rear interior overhead lamps remain illuminated after exiting vehicle and locking from the driver's or passenger's door lock buttons. This is causing the vehicle battery to go dead (2015 - 2016 Only).
• The door locks are inoperative when locking/unlocking remotely (2015 - 2016 Only).
• False activation of the vehicle security alarm (2015 - 2016 Only).
• False exterior light failure messages being displayed in the instrument cluster (2015 - 2016 Only).
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