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Since 2007 the Americans have been kept at bay, 2015 will see that streak end as Jeep treks back to the Tokyo Motor Show on the back of record sales in Japan.

FCA will show eight vehicles from its 4 brands on sale in Japan (AR, FIAT, Jeep and Abarth), the Renegade will not be included as it won't reach the Far East until sometime next year. However the KL Cherokee will be present as it was just introduced in Japan at the beginning of May.

Jeep is enjoying massive success in the miniscule Japanese import market, (worth just 5 percent of total auto sales) Ford and Chevrolet don't seem to have a chance. Pontus Haggstrom, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Japan says that their success is because "The positioning is very clear, we do only SUVs and we do them well."

Jeep is the 7th ranked import brand in Japan trailing the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Sales were up 21% in April and 56% YTD. To add perspective Jeep sold 2,298 vehicle in April to Japanese consumers, nearly double the 1,625 units moved buy Ford. Jeeps immediate aim is to sell 10,000 units in Japan next year, with Cherokee landed and Renegade headed in support I don't see why not?
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