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Two Hands For MySKy

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So the My Sky system will be available in auto sliding and manually operated formats. Jeep was concerned that those who own a manually operated My SKy system were going to try and open it up on the fly, well they came up with an answer for that.

First of all the panels design means that if you tried to removed them while moving they would simply fly away, so to remove them you need to turn a key. Whats cool is that they designed the key to look like one from a 1941 Willys, after you turn the key you need to pull a lever. So basically its a two handed operation that I dont suggest you try on the fly :D
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Whoever is idiot enough to try to take off the roof panels while driving seems like they deserve what's coming to them. Jeep would be smart to make that impossible though.
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That's like someone trying to take the door or roof off the Wrangler while moving. It is just so bone-headed. Its true that they have to put up warnings and precautions, but sometimes it is baffling how idiotic some people can be.
Do we know how much the My Sky roof option is going to cost? That is what I am wondering at this point. I hope they don't gouge us for too much money.
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