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Uconnect Live not avaiable

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I know there are other threads about this, would like to know other people experiences and if they have an early 16 model with Uconnect Live.
I ordered my car in October 15, but only recieved my Trailhawk in February 16.
I confirmed it is the 16 model, no flashlight, no spare, Beats audio, 6.5 uconnect, but NO live services.
The radio have the more button instead of apps.
I called Jeep Cares, they were helpfull, but in the end they just said that my car don´t have Live Services and it is not possible to add anyway, only new from factory.
The problem is there was already info about Uconnect Live on the website when I ordered the car, and there is also this oficial news that says from June 15 onwards Live services are STANDARD! So I will try a complain to European Consumer Center.
Still no aswer for what is really nedded to have Live services active, is it need to change the whole car, sterring, mirrors tires and everything, I think changing the radio only is not sufficient.
Anyone tried swap the head unit?
Anyone have an 16 model also without Live Services?
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Mine was ordered in August 2015 and delivered in November 2015 and has the 'Apps' button and all live services. It is a 2016 model as the access panel to the rear fuse box is smaller and has a small cargo net.
Looks like yours may have been already built.
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