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Uconnect Live not avaiable

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I know there are other threads about this, would like to know other people experiences and if they have an early 16 model with Uconnect Live.
I ordered my car in October 15, but only recieved my Trailhawk in February 16.
I confirmed it is the 16 model, no flashlight, no spare, Beats audio, 6.5 uconnect, but NO live services.
The radio have the more button instead of apps.
I called Jeep Cares, they were helpfull, but in the end they just said that my car don´t have Live Services and it is not possible to add anyway, only new from factory.
The problem is there was already info about Uconnect Live on the website when I ordered the car, and there is also this oficial news that says from June 15 onwards Live services are STANDARD! So I will try a complain to European Consumer Center.
Still no aswer for what is really nedded to have Live services active, is it need to change the whole car, sterring, mirrors tires and everything, I think changing the radio only is not sufficient.
Anyone tried swap the head unit?
Anyone have an 16 model also without Live Services?
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From the press release linked it certainly looks like you should have live services (via a compatible phone of course).

One possible reason - you have the Beats audio. Maybe that system didn't get Live until later; it presumably has a different head unit.
Jeep Skills, is the only app I want,
Unfortunately, unless you made clear to the supplier that this was a required function it will be hard to enforce, especially when you've had the car so long.
I've just had another look at the document you linked and it actually only says the LIVE systems will be available from June, not fitted as standard.

Jeep Cares said my car didin't have because it was a 15 model, I said no because no flashligh and no spare, is a 16 model for sure;
I don't think the absence of those is a decider - they aren't part of the vehicle. You need to find out the build date and when the production year begins (usually around September for most cars).

In the auto shop they told me a story of a guy that went there to add fog lights in a Julieta and the main service in Italy also said it is not possible to add aftermarket! No programing for that is present on the car!
It may be possible, but painful. Someone else on here did manage to retrofit a power seat which had similar challenges in theory (probably a little simpler in fact). A helpful dealer should be able to work out which options are needed and the programming codes to enable them. If the right hardware is then installed then they should be able to reprogram the vehicle to operate with those options.
That is probably true for an option within a vehicle year, but if yours is one that the LIVE wasn't available on then it may be missing other things like wires in the loom.

Whatever the truth, I rather agree with nev; if you really want this your best bet at this point is probably to try and get a better trade-in deal on one that has it.

You don't say which part of Europe you're in. There may be local reasons why LIVE wasn't in yours.
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Thanks for the replies.
Just for clarity, are you the original poster using a different account, or someone else with the same problem?

There are Live Services in Portugal and right at the beggining of the document it is referred that is equipped as standard not as an option.
This is the first paragraph of the document I find when following the link given in the OP:
"Available from next June onwards on the Renegade model, the innovative UconnectTM devices guarantee access to radio, telephone and UconnectTM LIVE services. Below we provide a description of the features and services offered by the new Infotainment platform that make any journey a totally fulfilling experience."
It doesn't say it will be standard from any date (in fact not at all), just that it will be available. The document itself is dated in February that year, so may have been overtaken by events long before October.

I cannot just stand and accept this, I payed 1200? for a full radio so that I didn't have to bring a cellphone and always have the charger plugged in, it was advertised Live Services and I bought it based on that.
The LIVE services work through your cellphone anyway. Some makes/models of cars have a built in network connection and SIM (or equivalent) and some use your own phone to connect. Both systems have pros and cons. The Renegade uses the second type.

I understand your frustration, you feel you have been misled by advertisements or possibly sales staff, but that press release is not going to be worth anything as evidence. You need copies of the brochures or web pages or similar from the time you ordered the vehicle if you want to make progress with a legal effort.
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From the document:
Uconnect 6.5'' Radio Nav LIVE

"Equipped with a 6.5 inch touchscreen, with large and easy to use icons. The Uconnect touchscreen system offers a series of features such as radio, music from multimedia devices, navigator, connected services and phone functions. The features and services offered include the Uconnect LIVE services offered as a standard option, "
That is probably correct - I think those facilities are standard with the "Uconnect 6.5'' Radio Nav LIVE". The first paragraph of that doc, which I quoted above, also says that this - Uconnect 6.5'' Radio Nav LIVE - will be available from June 2015. All of this from a press release in February 2015, which is basically saying "This is what we plan (hope) to do." You seem to be fixing on this doc as some sort of specification for your vehicle order, but it has no legal weight and wouldn't be part of a purchase contract unless the dealer specifically agreed to it. (Remember that your contact is with the dealer, not Jeep.)

From what nev said earlier they were still building cars without LIVE in 2016my and it seems that you have unfortunately got one.
As you ordered it specially do you have a copy of the order form?
Actually, I've just remembered that there is a webpage where you can put your VIN in and will give you a PDF of your car's build sheet - there's a link somewhere on this site, but I can't recall where I'm afraid. If there is a discrepancy between that and your order form you'd have a good case.
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You seem to think that available means will be fitted as standard. It does not. For example, HID headlights are available, but they are not standard.

Also that document is on the Jeep press website, not the 'customer' website. It's only official in that it was issued to journalists many months before the planned availability of a new set of functions, so however you interpret it, it is not relevant to your case. Legally speaking it is not an offer, unlike a brochure describing a car for sale.
And if I buy a Renegade now? What is the difference? Live Services are not an extra! Same way as the GPS, Radio, USB they are part of the Uconnect 6.5, as is now and was than advertised.
Hope you wont getscammed with a deal by paying something that is advertised and is not like that. If you accept it may be ok for you but not for others.
I don't know for sure but I suspect that uconnect 6.5 LIVE was an upgraded version of uconnect 6.5. Specifications change every year, during years and also between markets - it is very hard to say what is 'correct' at any time or place.

I'm not taking any position on whether or not you have been scammed (which implies deliberate deceit by other people) or merely not understood what you would get, which may simply be an unfortunate misunderstanding. I have been trying to help you be in a better position to challenge Jeep by assimilating good evidence. It seems to me that 18 months after the event you have trawled the web for something to bolster your case, turned up this press release and decided it constitutes advertising relevant your purchase. I have simply been trying to point out to you that an old press release does not constitute an advertisement for the car you bought and that it doesn't in fact actually say what you claim it does.

Anyway, please let us know what happens with your Euopean Consumer Centre complaint.

There is a lesson here for everyone, aside from the usual caveat emptor - when you buy a new car don't just look at the website. Get a printed copy of the sales brochure, or at a minimum download a PDF version, read it carefully and then keep it safe along with all sales documentation.
Oh, and if anything is not clear get confirmation from the dealer in writing as to what you will get.
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I just stumbled on an interesting thing. I was looking through my UK brochure, which is dated April 2017. On the page about Uconnect LIVE there is a starred note at the bottom - literally small print:
*UconnectTM with Jeep Skills LIVE is included on cars built after 2nd June 2016. Please confirm with dealer at point of ordering if feature is required.
Now that is of course for UK/RHD cars, but the implication is that even if ordering a car in 2017 you might get one built before June 2016. These things can sit around in a field at the factory for a long time.
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