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Upgrade Night Eagle II headlights to full OEM LED?

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I’m thinking of buying a 2020 Renegade Night Eagle 2 (UK Petrol 1.3 with Function pack 2) but its missing the cool new LED lights.
I’ve done a bit of searching but cant find a definitive answer, so does anyone know if it is possible to replace the entire headlight assembly with the OEM LED headlights? There are some on ebay but would they just be ‘plug and play’? Or does the car need more hardware to control the LED lights effectively and correctly?

i found these on a Chinese website:

Would they be any good? Or would OEM be better or even work?

Also, does anyone know if the digital dash is retrofittable in models that have the monochrome display (like the night eagle 2)?
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Though the headlight range adjustment system might be an issue, particularly for those of you int he UK who have to go through MOT inspections...
The automatic range adjustment isn't necessary on these Xenon/Hid-headlights due to being only a 25 Watt Xenon/HID (D5S) bulb (you don't have to have "headlight-sprayer/washer either).
Don't know if this is a problem with the new LED-headlight, but if the switch is an indicator (it has manual adjustment, which is never combined with automatic adjustment) that's not a problem either.
This is based on the regulations we have here in Sweden, which usually is in line with the most strict regulations.

My guess based on my work is that switching to the new LED-headlight is bolt on, however, I don't recall seeing the option for "LED headlight" in AlfaObd. I will have a look when I find the phone that have the software installed....
As stated in my thread, the dealer most likely can't change the software-setting due to some limitations set by Jeep/Fiat.

Biggest problems are prices, a pair of new Xenon/Hid-headlights are roughly $1 200, and I guess the LED:s aren't cheaper.

A couple of pictures below from a LED-equipped vehicle.
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Short update, there is an option in AlfaObd that says “Headlamp LED management” which very well could be the right thing to change.
I don’t know if the lower requirements are due to a certain design feature of the D5S or the fact that it’s only a 25w bulb, I would imagine the latter.
It’s kind of an unusual setup but I know some of the Jeep’s cousins, such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia have have the same kind of setup, as a basic HID option.
as far as I know, of course I could be wrong, I don’t think any model of the Renegade has automatic range adjustment, but again, I could be wrong.
Sweden has had automatic range requirements on HID-headlights for a long time, I remember when my friend imported a 350Z from the states in ~2005-2006 we hade to downgrade to halogens due to no automatic range adjustment.
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